Tiny Houses in Holyoke, Massachusetts

Nowadays, so-called houses on wheels are becoming increasingly popular. Why not? Having such a van, you can travel across the world and not worry about the overnight stay. There are people who spend their entire lives in such vans and feel happy! We offer the best places where you can buy tiny home on wheels you need.

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Tiny Houses for Sale in Holyoke

The mobile home is suitable for family vacation and journey. It gives an opportunity to come in any town or outside it, and with it you won`t have to rent a hotel room, pay for this and solve other accomodation problems. In some cases, the house on wheels is used as a temporary housing or summer house.

First, let`s remember what is the house on the wheels. It is a vehicle with a special van or separate trailer fitted to the vehicle.

Such vehicle is distinguished by powerful chassis to which a living module is fitted. In some mobile houses the person can enter the living area only through the driver cabin. There are individual mobile houses that have a separate door (they are often structured as trailers).

As a rule, in houses on wheels there are special seats that can be turned into a bed. In modern mobile houses there are all amenities for normal life: shower cabin, WC, gas heating, air conditioning and fridge. Manufacturers also don`t forget about furniture items and proper lighting. In general, there is everything for fulfilled life.

Advantages of Tiny Houses on Wheels

  • Money saving. Such house is much more advantageous financially. By moving into the house on wheels you`ll save money that you would spend on the mortgage or rent.

  • Eco-friendliness. The house on wheels is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving that the usual big house.

  • Small size. The compact house doesn`t take much space in vain and each square centimeter is used efficiently.

  • You won`t need a big land area. The small house doesn`t take a large land area. If you don`t like the place where you`ve stayed for a while, you can drive to another. This is easy and inexpensive.

  • Low costs of repairs and clean-up. In small house repairs and tidying won`t scary you with their scales and expenses. It will take you a few minutes but not hours to order everything. Think about effort and time saving.

How Much Does a Tiny Homes Cost in Holyoke?

The price of an individual project of the house on wheels including the interior and exterior design is from 1200$-3000$.

The price of the house on wheels equipped with appliances and furniture is from 30000$ (depending on the customer`s preferences).

The price includes: project design, trailer frame, windows and doors, insulation and roof, exterior and interior finish. The price of communications, household appliances and furniture is agreed on separately depending on your preferences.

The terms are agreed on individually and are from 1 to 3 months.

Different Types of Tiny Homes: What to Choose?

Houses on wheels are also often called campers. They are vans, the trailer or cabin of which represents a proper living space with kitchen, WC and sleeping area. Such home sales level is sustainably rising, as such houses are quite popular with country lovers and tourists who prefer travelling comfortably. Houses on wheels in Holyoke are presented in all three constructive options, alcove, integrated and caravan.

Alcoves are great because they imply an additional double bed above the driver cabin but this thing reduces car`s maneuverability and speed and increases fuel consumption. New and used houses on wheels with an integrated living space are maneuverable and easy-to-drive but their price is quite high. Living caravans are so much cheaper and more comfortable that any powerful vehicle can transport them.

Today mobile houses are offered by different manufacturers, and they all guarantee convenience and functionality. The choice is made by the whole family based on personal preferences.